Monday, February 14, 2011


The Lake and Stars!5759991/agencies-refuse-to-work-with-designers-who-hire-plus+size-models
Maayan Zilberman is one of my best friends, not just a great designer but a kind (and sensible) woman, so I'm not surprised she's making her voice heard over this.

The eternal discusses why we don’t see more plus size model on stage or in magazines. I’ve seen a broadcast some years ago where a guy said that to see a wearing in big size which also existed in small size could dissuade the person who wearing a small size to buy it, because cruelly she don’t want to wear the same clothes as a "big girl". Sad reality …
Nevertheless it should not be a question of size, but women who feel beautiful and confident but maybe I’m naïve.
But if the stylists begin fighting for, it can change.

Plus size model are underground lol personally I follow for a while the model Stephanie Zwicky and her blog ' leblogdebigbeauty ' she is just brilliant.
So infuriating. I actually cannot believe the ongoing stupidity of these size discriminating modelling agencies.

Hats off to Erin O'Connor and her drop-in center. It's refreshing to see a model sharing their own experiences and taking some initiative to help others.
So, not really about this post...but I'm reading your book right now, Emma, and thoroughly appreciating your beautiful voice. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you very much indeed, Rachel.
Very glad to see Emma Forrest tie her colors on the mast on this issue. Now I dare anybody accuse her of being shallow and selfish.
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