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I know I'm pretty late to this, but Emma Donoghue's 'Room' is exquisite. Genuinely a thriller, and genuinely a work of art. If anyone were to adapt the book as a movie (which would be difficult) I think Sarah Polley would be an interesting candidate to direct.

Thanks for the recommendation. Just read a synopsis and it sounds like a worthwhile read.
Review of the brilliant 'Your Voice in My Head' with a commentary by Emma Forrest blended in.
Emma, I'm exceptionally late to Room also and had this initial snobbish reaction to starting it, thinking it was just going to be a clever narratorial experiment and was humbled to find it completely mesmerizing and absorbing.. but the weird thing is (and why I am commenting on your post)is that I haven't finished it because yesterday I happened upon 'Your voice in my head', bought it with not a bit of excitement and didn't put it down until just now when I finished it. I hadn't read anything of yours since Namedropper which I read in 2003 when I was 24 (I dug it out and it weirdly has 'Lucy Holme' written on the inside page in a childish biro scrawl like I was afraid someone would nick it, very odd...) and I remember thinking firstly how funny and moving it was and secondly how much I admired you for already having written actual novels at about the same age as me... anyway 'Your voice in my head' is resonating on so many levels with me - your love and passion for your parents, the optimism and support of you by Dr R, the hope and beauty of believing in love and the bleak, searing, self deprecating humour -(honestly the saddest and yet funniest break up memory committed to paper surely -'eat the fucking ceviche') Anyway, everything it has spoken to me about, when I really find it hard to examine my own life and decisions right now, well I find hugely inspirational so I just wanted to say Room is awesome but Your voice in my head is a similar blazingly singular experience.
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Holy moly, what a wonderful email. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment (and of course for taking the time to read the book). I'm so happy that it's making some sense out there in the wide world. Good luck with the mental sifting you're doing...x
Nice short review, Emma! I read 'Room' sometime back and I loved it. It is one of my favourite reads of last year and possibly one of my favourites of all time.
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