Sunday, February 20, 2011


S and M

That's what Christopher Plummer calls his film 'The Sound of Music' in his delicious memoir. 'In Spite Of Myself' is actually a book I bought when it came out in hardback a few years ago. I'd had Plummer in my head for a film I was writing (about a charismatic womaniser in his later years). Then, the other day, I had to go to Random House in Toronto to sign my memoir, and Plummer had to go to Random House to sign his memoir and - voila - I now have a signed paperback, which I re-read last night around 3am. If you've maybe read the Patti Smith autobiography and are looking for another vital life story told in a singularly mad voice, do pick this up. In the pictorial, amongst snaps with Natalie Wood and Julie Andrews, he has labelled a photo of himself as a young man in Quebec: "Me as a repulsive youth of indeterminate age".

loved our interview...your book is amazing...very touching n very powerful

tommy schnurmacher
Your book is keeping me going, Emma. Thank you x
Thank you and do keep going - it's worth it. x
I've really been enjoying your book but was disappointed and hurt to read 'borderlines are evil'. I thought a woman who had undergone so much mental trauma may have a little more sensitivity towards others who suffer
Hey there! Where does it say that? Is that the entire sentence and is it by me or is it me quoting someone? All the best...
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