Friday, February 04, 2011



Was having a lovely time here, even before Kate Carraway's review of my book in The Globe and Mail. My goodness, I owe this lady a drink...
In less self-obsessed news, I finally got round to watching 'Animal Kingdom'. Have to say, it's my favourite crime movie since 'Badlands' (and that's a film I marked with a tattoo!)

Are you in Toronto? Hope you're not finding it too cold. Think it's supposed to warm up over the weekend? (Maybe I dreamed that though...)
re Badlands:hmmm,is this your multifunctional tattoo, Emma...?!
Well done, Kate Carraway. I love it when a reviewer can think outside of the box. I especially hate when it seems some will jump on a bandwagon of sorts.
Emma....I watched your interview on Canada AM, this morning. Something I would not normally do, however, I suffer sever depression and have been in and out of the hospital regularly. I am a Transmedia Artist Designer Developer. The only reason I do not drop Designer and Developer is that lack of confidence in being the artist, am I good enough....etc...etc....what will "They" think....blah...blah. Even having won awards in this I still belittle myself and live in that fear. The words you chose to speak on the program I understood, and it is hard to illustrate to people who do not suffer the blackness in my life. Through the concept and creation of Transmedia art is where I find the positive from that blackness, it is my form of saying to the world that I AM. You have inspired me so deeply, and if and when I can afford a copy of "Your Voice in My Head", I promise you I will get it and read it with great pleasure. Thank you and much success in your future endeavors.

Jeffrey Scott Martin
Transmedia Artist....Designer Developer
You sure looked good in that photo in the Globe and Mail article last weekend. It led me to read the article. And that motivates me to read your book.

So you are right to want to treat Carraway.



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