Thursday, March 24, 2011


Cathy Horyn on Elizabeth Taylor

She has the most wonderful style appreciation in today's NY Times (I've been having a hard time make it linkable so do google it). She talks about how - having short legs and a huge bust - she was not a fit for designers the way Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly were (and honestly, the self-deluded web "comment-haters" would have an absolute field day today, criticizing the young womans weight and proportions), but that she dressed even better than a style icon: she dressed for devouring life. This is, you'll see, a very moving article, more so than most of the obituaries.

I loved it! As a shortie myself with a remarkable ability to gain weight, I like the idea of personality shining through and of wearing clothes that match your mood instead of hiding....
Thanks Emma!
I couldn't see the article for NYT but there was a piece in the Metro today about someone who's mother met her and she said "We're so alike you and I" "Really?" "Both short of leg and large of breast"
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