Saturday, March 26, 2011


Dennings! Florence!

I just got my hot little hands on the new issue of Vogue, in which there is a most beautiful spread on my number 1 girl, Kat Dennings (it's the "shape" issue and she's photographed representing the hourglass figure.) The cover is a divine Rihanna, so strong, so feminine. I'd mentioned both ladies in an upcoming essay on beauty for 'Psychologies'magazine - that one of the things I find most attractive in a face is the same thing I find most attractive in a personality: surprising juxtapositions (Kat's pale body and dark hair, Rihanna's green eyes and caramel skin.) I rhapsodised, too, about Florence Welch, and not just because she gave my memoir such an amazing review (it's on the cover of the upcoming paperback though I've yet to meet her). I could never muster interest in any model because I love watching women in motion and Florence is someone who just seems - in the best way - possessed. But my favourite thing - and this is something I feel with Dennings, is that she's from another era. That anachronism, that sense of being out of time, is something I find endlessly appealing.

Anita Pallenberg in 'Performance'... I don't know why I thought of her reading this post, but anyway...
For those wishing to view the shoot:
I bought your book on Friday night and I'm almost done it. It's wonderful and painful, all at the same time. I just have the depression, it wears me down so often and I fight it so hard. Thank you for sharing your life.
Thank you, Lilith. You sound very brave to me.
Your new book is the business!!!It fell into my hands by accident this morning. I was finished by lunch time!I once sent Baz Luhrmann my car keys, i was 17 and wanted him to have my car, that was the same day i left school to become a dancer, i had never danced in my life?? Thank you for making me walk a bit taller today, Bi polar has given me the best life ever imaginable and at times the worst life imaginable, i still feel like i am trying to breath under water most of the time, i am 31 and still don't know how i made it this far along.. " the days run away like wild horses over the hills " my days are running away but i am keeping up with them a bit better.. Thank you . Be smiling :)
G-d bless you Grant! Have a beautiful day/week/life! Sounds like you're on your way...
I won't publish your last comment Grant, I think it's private - email me c/o she's my Aus PR and I am coming there for Sydney Writer's Festival in May - maybe you can make it to my appearance so we can meet?
I'll be in Sydney from May 15th for a week and another ten days hopping the country.
Lovely! Enjoy your travels, Em.

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