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Well, she wasn't a great actress (she said so herself), there were more natural beauties (she was especially anxious about Burton working with Ava Gardner in 'Night Of The Iguana' and the novelist Edna O'Brien on 'X, Y and Zee'). But she was a pioneer and a buccaneer - the first woman to divorce publicly (and often), the first to fight the stigma and fear around AIDS. The living embodiment of the triumph of hope over experience (is this why she was so devoted to her Judaism?), she never, ever stopped believing in love (so much so that the Vatican deemed her an 'erotic vagrant'). And nothing ever killed her. Until it did. Rest in peace.

I only just found out from AOL news.(Working with little people, I only seem to hear about what Justin Bieber is doing). Am utterly shocked.

I have to share this wonderful quote I once used as a blog post title:
Andy Warhol- ''It would be very glamorous to be reincarnated as a great big ring on Liz Taylor's finger''
Wouldn't it just?

P.s WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH YOUR LIFE? Book,film,love,cake,dancing...Share!
Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf was my favourite of her movies. Burton looked amateur beside her.
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