Friday, March 18, 2011


Power Ballads!

Apparently Susan Boyle just parodied this video for Comic Relief in the U.K. So I just rewatched this (a vague memory from childhood, nostalgia for something I'm not even sure I ever experienced in the first place) and it made me realize: cheesy as they are, there is something so primal in the great power ballads. "Now at least I know I know him well", oh my goodness, that line slays me! Haven't you felt that when something's over? Like only being able to actually taste the chocolate when you get to the very last one in the box? Pat Benatar wrecks me, too, especially 'We Belong' from 'The Legend of Billie Jean': "We belong to the sounds of the words we've both fallen under"...seriously, the hairs on my neck stand on end. But you're listening to someone who featured Cher's 'Just Like Jesse James' ever so prominently in the last script I sold. "Your heart is down for the count and you knoooow you're gonna lose it!" So kids - what's your favourite power ballad?
ps: itunes just asked me "Are you sure you wish to purchase 'I Know Him So Well' by Barbara Dickson and Elaine Paige? Judgmental little shit!

I love I Know Him So Well! I watched the parody last night and was actually crying which is truly tragic.

Also love pretty much every power ballad Cher ever made, including ...Jesse James.

However my favourite guilty power ballad has to be Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart. It kills me every time. See also Without You (Nillson version obviously rather than Mariah).

I now have the urge to load up iTunes and make unwise power ballad purchases.
TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART!! I have been teaching my autistic brother the lyrics of a number of great power ballads, but this Bonnie Tyler classic is a firm favourite.

My brother regularly recites random phrases or words he has heard, and during Sunday lunch a couple years back, he suddenly said (in monotone, and very loudly) 'nothing I can do, total eclipse of the heart'. I erupted into hysterical laughter, and my dad slammed down his cutlery and said, 'can't you teach him something more productive?!' to which I replied, 'dad, you can't get more productive than a power ballad'.

Hope you're well! x
That is so funny because i truly worship that song by Pat Benatar. Chills down my spine as well. I always crank it in the car when it comes on randomly (which is the ultimate thrill). Love you and "your voice in my head". Thank you so much for your honesty about raw emotion. Another fab ballad..."I can't make you love me" by Bonnie Raitt. It's killer.
The Muppets parody of 'Danny Boy' literally made me fall off my chair. My boyfriend had to ask 'But was it because you were laughing or crying?"I saw Bonnie Raitt play at the Albert Hall - she's a badass of the highest order.I LOVE your story about teaching your brother Total Eclipse. Surely there's a Lorrie Moore short story there?! x
Oh my goodness, YES! Ha! Honestly, he's such a treat. We have a Carpenters duet that just makes my life x
I love this song!

One that always gets me, for no definable reason other than it's chessily awesome, is Delta Goodrem's 'Lost Without You'. I can't help but air grab.
Elaine's over-blouse jewellery is totally best - as is the defiantly un-Americanised pronunciation of 'lahsts' and 'cahn't'.
The boyhalf of ABBA wrote this - which you can really tell, especially around 3.15...
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