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YVIMH interview from last week...

Ms.Kiefer is a Canadian legend and it was a real honour to talk to her before I left. The friend I mention in the interview writes the blog about life after her daughters suicide. On a lighter note, I should probably remember not to wear green being 5 foot 1 and all. I look more like a yiddish leprechaun than I'd intended.

Perfect timing. Lovely interview to see following your book I completed in one sitting this weekend (I don't think I budged to pee!).

I just want you to be as happy as possible. I really and truly do. Life will have its ups and downs, of course, but I hope nothing for you will ever trigger those murky waters.
Emma's getting teary. clearly a woman of great empathy.
nooo emma you look beautiful. especially around the 2:17 mark
Hi Emma, I bloody love you. Please read my review of your book and don't be put off by the first line...
I've seen a few interviews with you now, and though you're discussing the same book, they are all enjoyable in a different way. A good interviewer gives you the opportunity to explore your work from a different angle, or simply talk about a bit you haven't before.

So glad you spoke about Christopher. Your relationship with him was so unlike the others in the book. He seemed to signify, as well as aid, your recovery.
Really found your book, very thought provoking but ultimately with hope. It can be difficult, when relationships break down and trying to understand what went wrong but it's about the next adventure and keeping yourself open to it. Take care.
I agree, Christopher was the start of real health. And I also agree, you have to be open to the next thing (it does take while but you just never know what's around the corner).
So true.

Great interview! She's fantastic actually. I have a horrible feeling I'd end up telling her more than I meant to if I ever met her. She has that way of drawing people out I think. The green suits you. You can definitely manage it better than a 4'10" Irish girl!
Emma, thank you for having the courage to share your journey with the world. I love your comment about accepting the fact that we are all broken, but that that only makes us human. Human, imperfect, and beautiful.
I am half way through the book and just had this sudden realization of how close I came to death some years back. It hasn't ever occured to me how serious it really all was until I started reading, Emma writes in the way that you think when you are 'crazy', like it's all just 'matter of fact', 'no big deal', 'I tried to kill myself' said as if you have just suggested having a cup of tea and a biscuit. The book has unearthed something really deep down for me, I want to thank her, this is the first time I have really cried for myself and for the miracle that I am still alive.
Oh my goodness, thank you so much for this comment. I am so happy the book has helped you. I hope you continue to make sense of the turmoil and to flourish. All my best to you.
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