Thursday, April 07, 2011


Libray Journal: first US review!

Forrest, Emma. Your Voice in My Head. Other. May 2011. 240p. ISBN 9781590514467. $22.95. MEMOIR
At 22, Emma Forrest had moved to New York from London, was writing for the Guardian, was on the verge of publishing her first novel, and began mentally coming apart. She found a savior in her longtime psychiatrist Dr. R., returning to his care following a failed suicide attempt. Readers follow Forrest through heartache and triumph, through the ravages of mania and self-destruction. The witty and self-aware Forrest has assembled a story with a touchingly flawed, human voice.
What I'm Telling My Friends: I will be highly annoyed if this is marketed as "the Colin Farrell story." Yes, the movie star's break-up with Forrest is an element of the story. But his is not the Voice of the title. The woman can write, and this is the story of her pain.


i love your book
Hell effin yeah, the woman can write!!
No I haven't, Colm. Where can I see it?
Just have to say I'm really enjoying your book so far ... actually got it after reading about you in the Sydney's writers festival program ... looking forward to hearing you talk there .... well back to reading (I'm up to chapter 26 !!!)
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