Saturday, April 23, 2011


Religion and suicide

Shaye has written another tremendous entry over at, this one grappling with the idea that some religious followers believe suicide is a punishable sin:

"When I first started casting about for places online to connect with others experiencing a loss similar to my own, a search for blogs on suicide returned a high number of Christian sites whose sole purpose was to proselytize their belief that suicide is a sin and an act of selfishness to boot. Do they expect someone who is considering suicide to find their site and feel helped by a righteous finger pointing at them, accusing them of being a selfish sinner? If their goal is to ease the pain of the grief-stricken? Demonizing the person who killed themselves isn't likely to help; the mourner must now imagine their friend or parent, sibling or child, spending eternity in hell."

Not a problem if one is - like me- an atheist. FAITH NO MORE! I say.
FNM! is my group for satirically- minded atheists. But I don't have much faith in them either ^__^

LalasMom has been a great help over the last year- one of my closest friend's brother's took his own life last year and I just sent her the link about Lena's birthday 'celebration'. I can't imagine navigating something like this, let alone adding in guilt and sin.
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