Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Book Soup 7pm this evening (Weds May 11th)

A reminder I am reading tonight from Your Voice In My Head, if you are in L.A and can make it there.

will you be in NYC at all?
Hi Emma, I just wanted to write a short note to let you know I thought you were wonderful in your talk at the Sydney Writer's Festival today. I had to creeep out before it ended to catch a flight (I'm writing from the airport lounge), which I was very disappointed to be compelled to do.
I lost my mother recently and have had a very up and down time. While it seems completely impractical to believe I was the only one who could feel the way I occasionally do, that is how I felt until today, when I had the wonderful opportunity to be in a room of people who seemed prepared to acknowledge human fallibility and be ok with it.
Best of luck for the rest of your time at the festival.
emma have you seen this?
look at the slideshow!i'm not sure she would have been too happy to see this published in VF but this is so worth it for the Candies, and for that beard...
I'm with Olga, we went to your Sydney Writers Festival talk too, thanks so much, so so enjoyed it, hope you enjoyed your time in Sydney, we really put on the sunshine for you.
I'm about to re-read the book, I think I will enjoy it even more after hearing you talk about it.
Thanks again
emma - thank you for sharing your words, your experiences...i was wondering...will you be doing any book readings in nyc?? preferrably bk?? :)
Dear Emma,
I lost my 20 yr old nephew last week, he took his own life. He was the only child of my sister who herself committed suicide when her son was six. (My father died in a plane crash when I was young and my only other sibling, a brother died of cancer two years after my sister killed herself...such is the dance of death my mother & I endured (are enduring?) but what I want to bring out is this: I was reading your memoir flying home from the funeral and I cannot put into words the comfort I felt from the following passage:
"I remember it. If you have ever lost someone the way I tried to go, I can assure you to the best of my experience that as despairing as they were, the hell they were in whatever caused them to swallow the pills or tie the noose, to fill their pockets w/ rocks and step into the water, before going under, their final thoughts are of love."
I have read it again & again.
These words bring such comfort because they are knowlege from the have been there. Thank you for your heartwrenching honesty...and for allowing a small healing ray to pierce the grief that threatens to consume.
Jennifer, I am sorry beyond measure for your loss. I meant what I wrote - I am so glad it has helped. Thinking of you...
I just finished your book "Your Voice In My Head". I was riveted. I read it in one sitting with laughter and tears. I am going thru an incredibly rough time right now. I have gone thru some of what you have - I thank you for sharing your experiences so honestly. Your book makes me feel that there truly is hope. I can only hope to be as brave and strong as you. Peace to you.
Thank you so much Kris. I wish you all the best. I imagine you are stronger than you realize...

I missed the reading. I actually picked up a signed copy of 'Your Voice' from Book Soup on Friday.

I loved it. I don't know if love is the right word... I identified with it. So many things you wrote about felt like they had come out of my own mad 3am scribblings.

Obsession, mania, cutting, addiction, recovery, strength through writing...

Thank you for being brave enough to share your story.

Next time you are at Book Soup, I will drag my ass up to actually catch it!


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