Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Boycott 'Like Water For Elephants'

I never imagined I'd be backing a Daily Mail campaign of any sort, but we're on the same page here. It should be pretty obvious that performing, in a circus or for a Hollywood movie, does not come naturally to an elephant. But the torture Tai went through to end up being used as a money maker for Twentieth Century Fox is right here on camera. I've worked with the producer, Gil Netter, and he's a good guy, and had dinner with the star, Reese Witherspoon, who is a terrific girl. I hope they both donate any money they made on this film to animal protection charities, and furthermore, that they immediately distance themselves from the project, as Natalie Portman did when John Galliano's anti-semitism was caught on film. Hopefully you all boycott any circus that uses performing animals. Apply the same to movies, too.

they ALWAYS torture animals to make them do as they wish for shows. i never was to the circus and never will be, same for that film or any other featuring animal 'stars'.
I couldn't watch the video, far too distressing.

I cannot believe that animal cruelty like this was going on, for the sake of a film. Sickening.

It's bad enough knowing animals are being disgustingly exploited in economically struggling countries, for people to earn a living, but to think that TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX were not aware/ignoring something like this, right under their nose, it just astounds me.

Both the production company and the actors, in fact, ALL involved in this film, have a responsibility to highlight the wrong doing, and do all they can to promote the welfare of animals. I am so upset by this.
Thank you so much for sharing this Emma. Such a sad story but important to know.
I couldn't even watch the video. So, so terrible to learn, and I agree with the hope that the stars will distance themselves from the film.
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