Sunday, May 29, 2011


Home in L.A

I have decided to send my first night home cleaning out my cat's ears and listening to James Taylor. I did it in that order so Perry could better enjoy Taylor's sweet yet melancholic voice. Why are James Taylor's songs so peaceful yet so sad? And between Fire and Rain, Carolina In My Mind and Sweet Baby James, which is the saddest? It's like he is breaking your heart and mending it in the same breath.

My vote is for "Sweet Baby James". I won't embarrass myself by relating the imaginary story I made up years ago in my head about this song. The part about "deep green and blues" always hits me in my gut for some unknown reason. Funny father absolutely detests James Taylor's music so as a young kid I had to listen to him in secret. Other people are hiding their drugs and I'm hiding my James Taylor music. At least I didn't take my vice to the street. lol
I first heard Sweet Baby James whilst camping as a Brownie, when I was about 9 years old. A much older girl sang it to a few of us before bed, along with Janis Joplin's Mercedes Benz.(I know,right?)

Years later, I still remembered the line, 'deep greens and blues are the colours I choose, won't you let me go down in my dreams',though I had only ever heard the song once. How strange is that? For a long time, I would sing it to myself to help me sleep.

Welcome home x
That sounds like a perfect evening. I have John Denver in rainy Kentish Town, a borrowed dachshund with flatulence.
Sounds lovely. Didn't even realize some of the songs I'd heard numerous times and enjoyed belonged to him.

I'm a 72 yr old x-clinical psychologist who is a distant cousin-in-law vis-a-vis the Leanse family. I live in Venice, had dinner with your Mum and Dad at my sister's house last week. Loved your Dad (sat next to him at dinner), am about 60 pages into your new book, fascinated and so aporecate your matter-of-fact style. I left the mental health profession many years ago but still identify as a therapist in my most personal places. I've looked at your blog and feel like I am getting to know you a bit. Hard not to feel like a voyeur so I decided to comment here. I'd love to chat or correspond. Ask your Dad and I think he'll vouch for my authenticity. My motive is that I am a native Angelino who has lived here mostly all my life. This is about family. People you can see "over the dinner table". Twitter:@jtrattner; and phone: 310 745-2554 would love to hear from you.
btw. I feel you and was compelled to reach out
Hey Emma, glad you have made it home safely. Thankyou for coming to speak in Hobart, Tasmania, Just so you know, I have written every day since.
Goodness, my cat's ears are filthy, but whenever I so much as look at the Q-tips, she starts to get riled. How did you manage that trick?
Emma, do you know James Taylor's debut album, the self-titled one on Apple Records? It's folky with wonderful baroque string sequences between the songs.
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