Tuesday, May 24, 2011



I feel very sad about leaving. It has been a once in a life time experience, though I hope very much to come back. I want to thank Chip Rolley of the Sydney Writer's Festival for asking me to be part of this amazing week. I got to share a stage with Howard Jacobson and have cocktails with Michael Cunningham! And found that they are both as beautiful as their writing. Last night Sydney got rainy and turned very film noir, and I fell even more in love with this city. Checking out of my harbour front room at the Sebel Pier One and heading for Tasmania now. You know, I really wasn't excited about coming here because I was anxious about doing the sixteen hour flight in coach. A good reminder in the form of a city: love always comes when you are least expecting it.

Will you be coming to Dublin/Ireland to do a reading anytime? Do you have a page where you list dates and locations of your events? Thank you :)
Glad there was something lovely at the end of your 16 hour flight. That is beyond long, but good things can come to those who wait, or shall I say sit on a plane.
The talk you did with Kate Holden on writing memoirs was one of the best at SWF 2011. Thanks for taking the trouble to come to Australia. Look forward to you coming back and hope you'll spend more time in Melbourne. Come back often, not just once in your lift time. We are not THAT far away. Lots of the country you haven't seen yet.
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