Saturday, June 11, 2011


New York Times book review
I'm really happy to be reviewed in the New York Times at all, let alone get such a thoughtful, positive review by a writer who really gets it. I've never met Emily, but she's definitely my new favourite journalist.

Congrats on the review. It is well-deserved.
Thanks so much for the sincerity of this book Emma. Recently having finally got over the heartache left by a man so alike your own ex, you're helping mine, and no doubt others, healing in some many aspects. Your command of language is electric.
Thank you Rachel. You never know what new things are waiting round the corner, right?
I bought your book after reading the review yesterday - I loved it. I immediately bought another copy for my father who is a psychiatrist (and a full-time mensch). I am excited for him to read it - as I know it will give him greater insight into how he touches his patients lives'.
Thank you anon! I'm so honoured you'd share it with your dad.
I read your book in one gulp! Thanks for sharing your story. A wise teacher I once had said we write to understand our own experience and, hopefully, in that process help others understand their own journey better as well. You helped me understand my path better: thank you. K
Great review!

I went to see Jon Ronson do a reading of his new book the other night at the Tabernacle. I love that you've got the top two psych books of the year between you :D
I just smiled when I read the post by anon. who gave a copy of your book to her father who is a psychiatrist. I regularly see a psychologist and last visit gave her my copy to read, I see her again Friday...I am interested to see what she thought. I think I shared because you so succinctly and eloquently often hit on how I feel – so I shared your words to explain because sometimes my words won’t come. Great review as well – Yay You!
How lovely! Thank you Renae!
Emma, one of my favorite books ever is name dropper! I immediately purchased your memoir, and have been touched so deeply by the candor you describe your emotions with. I, too, had my life planned out with someone who really loved me only to have it taken from me in one day because he needed time. it was shock, a slap in the face, and it was the worst hurt I ever felt because I trusted this man so deeply with my whole heart. Similarly, I had lost people in my life around this break up that made everything to much too bear. i felt like i went through themotions everyday and was just a mummy. Reading you book helped me so much to realize that like you I will probably never get the explanation i deserve or would like, and life isn't always fair. Thank you for writing this struck my soul very deeply and gave me a new perspective in letting go of loss. Thanks!
emma, this book helped me so much with the resentment and bitterness i am holding onto. very similar situations. gave me the perspective that there very well may not be a reconciliation and thats ok. it also helped me realize i may never get the explantion i want or deserve and there is no reasoning to keep hanging. thank you so much, emma!
Emma, I came across your book at library and immediately read it. It is very honest, personal and ALIVE. I showed my therapist at my next session your book and told her about your Istanbul meeting with Dr. R. and your realizations, and said that is many times what I do when trying to use new perspectives when I'm very anxious and/or depressed - I imagine her voice in my head. Your book intrigued her, as she had been recently wondering what would happen to her current patients if something should happen to her (such as a car accident, etc.), so she is now going to read your book for your perspectives on coping and about your wonderful therapist who lives on via his successful work with you (and others).
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