Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Happy News

1.This is really nice company to be in.

2.I love Richard Linklater. Then he told me he loved the film 'Melvin and Howard'. Now I love him more!

3.I love Scott Rudin. I would pet his beard all day long if he would let me, but then I would not get much writing done and people might be less intimidated by him.

4.Despite what's rumoured here, the script I wrote is about an amalgamation of break-ups. Predominately, my break-up with Colin Powell.

5.The woman who road trips to the inauguration of Obama was dumped by her fiance on election day, and, like many of us, feels inspired (and distressed by) the perfect union of Barack and Michelle.

6.Kat Dennings is my dream actress because it looks - as Billy Wilder said of Marilyn Monroe - like if you touched the screen, you would feel warm flesh.

7.Ella Webber took that picture of me. It was fun, even though I specifically became a writer so I would never, ever have to get my picture taken.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Been a long time, been a long time, been a long...

I'm curious: do you think it's okay to take art as you wish to take it, not as the creator intended it be consumed? For anyone whose read 'Namedropper', you'll recall Viva has a thing about shaping her entire life around song lyrics that she's totally misheard. It's in my head because I went to see 'Public Enemies' tonight, and for the first fourty five minutes I was saying "Oh, but this is brilliant!" Then I got incredibly bored and went to sleep for an hour. Then I woke up for the last act, sitting forward in my seat, saying "Oh, but this film is so beautiful!" And I cried and everything! Even though I didn't understand whose death I was mourning or why. My dear friend, Barbara Ellen, when working as the film critic of The Times, said in her review of 'Mulholland Drive' that the movie is a masterpiece, so long as you decide when it ends. Is it our right, as an audience, to take what was presumably slaved over by the "cook" like an elaborate Sunday roast, and then enjoy it as if it were a bag of Pick'n'Mix?

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